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Poll: How do you feel about CQ WW taking a hard line on cheating?
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CQ WW SSB 2016 (& 2017!)
Interesting how CQ WW is taking a hard line against rules breakers. Check this blog.

CQ WW SSB Blog - Cheating?

How do you feel about this?
I like it.
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
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Well this is interesting.

I've always had mixed feelings about the way they score contests and the LCRs that they been using the last 10 years or so. I've never been a fan of the penalties they give you. I could forgive the occasional NIL even if it gives you a zone or country. I've lost country credit for USA on a band just because the station worked me but did not log me because I was one he did not need. I know that this happens because I hear stations calling CQ and working a number of their own country especially US and then saying DX only or ignoring the US calls. Also the same for incorrect exchanges. If you do have 20 or 30 in a row proving that you are just putting anything down the the occasional bad exchange should be forgiven. I've also advocated an automatic credit for your own country to help on the NIL problem. Of course with the US having 3 zones this could be a problem.

What I did find was that this article let me to the results database and I was able to make an Excel spreadsheet of all my CQ WW contesting scores since I started in ham radio in 1979.

What I found was my first CQWW SSB contest was in the 1981 SSB contest where I ran SO HP ALL with 489,000 pts., 586 Qs, 92 zones and 234 countries. I've worked all SSB contests except 1984, 85, 86, 88, 91, through 96, then 2005 and 2016. Some were antenna problems probably the 2000's others poor propagation or maybe a meh attitude that year. My best SSB year was 1990 SO HP ALL 1,548,052 Pts, 1162 Qs, 109 Zones, 357 countries for 9th place. The thing that amazes me is it's all just 10, 15 and 20 meters. I have had higher place finishes I'm just looking at total points.

(I just realized that some of the 80's and 90's years may have been run but not submitted, either hand logged and just did not want to take the time to make a dupe sheet or just lazy that year.)

For CW I started doing them in 2004 and have done all of them except 2005, I think that was when I had antenna problems I don't have any other CQ contests recorded that year. Best year was 2013 SA LP ALL 604,725 pts., 613 Qs, 83 zones, 282 countries, 24.1 hours with an 8th place finish.

For RTTY first year was 2010, I'll bet that's when N1MM came out, CT did not do RTTY. I did all except the 2011 RTTY Test. (2016 numbers not in yet for all modes). Best year was 2014, SA LP ALL, 658,610 pts., 73 states, 63 zones, 199 countries, 26.3 hours for 4th place.

Well this was an interesting exercise. Contesting for me the last number of years has been mostly to see what different goals I can set for myself, many times I'll decide halfway through the contest to see what I can do, score, Qs, zones, countries? Also a way to work on my bands and modes goals for DXCC.

-73- Al

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