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Fox Hunting Information

Updated February 17, 2020

The club is planning to begin a series of Fox Hunts in March. Initially, the hunts will be designed to be pretty easy. Now (February) is a great time to start getting ready. Though you can hunt for the Fox alone, it will probably be easier and more fun to work as part of a team of two or three people.

Fox Hunting requires some sort of direction finding equipment. This is often 'home brewed'. Each team only needs one set of equipment, so you can join a team even if you would rather not build any equipment.

This page will be updated to include our best information about equipment and tricks of the trade. Saturday mornings at the EOC, for anyone who can make it, is a great place to share ideas, form teams, test equipment, and practice hunting. We can also use the club email reflector to share ideas.

There are two main methods of Fox Hunting - Directional Antennas, such as a Yagi, and the 'Doppler', or 'Time Difference of Arrival' method. Most hunters start with a three element Yagi and an HT with a good S meter. The 'Tape Measure' Yagi is very popular. The Moxon antenna and a two element phased array both also work well.

Dave NZ1J

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NZ1J 'Doppler' RDF

This is a homebrew 'Doppler' type radio direction finder. Two full size 2 meter dipoles are spaced 22 inches apart. A circuit that is made from ten components switches between the antennas at an audio frequency. The switching creates phase modulation on the attached receiver. The receiver produces a tone except when the antennas are oriented to both be the same distance from the transmitter. The null in the tone indicates the direction to the transmitter. The circuit board can be built in a few hours and the project can be assembled in a few more hours.

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