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Full Version: WAE RTTY Scores
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Please post your WAE RTTY Scores by replying to this message. If you worked the contest please submit your log for the Meriden ARC for your club.

N1MM problems and one of the worst band conditions I have seen for this contest had me working about half the QSOs I normally would for this contest.

CLUB: Meriden ARC
ADDRESS: Meriden, CT 06451
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6895.0

Band ------ Q/QTC ------ QSOs ------ Mlt
7 ----------- QSO -------- 29 ------- 39
14 ---------- QSO ------- 234 ------ 120
14 --------- RQTC -------- 50 -------- 0
14 --------- SQTC ------- 230 -------- 0
21 ---------- QSO -------- 30 ------- 34
21 --------- RQTC -------- 20 -------- 0
21 --------- SQTC --------10 ----------0
Total ------- All ------- 603 ------ 193
Score: 116,379

First of all the bands were HORRIBLE! 15 hardly opened. Most the the contacts were SA, NA and a few EAs and Is. Forget 10 there was never a signal on it. This was also the weekend for the 10-10 digital contest and I checked a few times but there was nothing there even though I was ready with an "all the numbers" macro. 20 was not much better, opening late and closing early, before dusk. I did manage a couple of JAs and also got a couple of HI stations but it was mostly Europe, NA and SA that I worked. And even the SA stations were weak. They were complaining much QSB but the signals were steady just poor. Not much out of Africa either. Europe was the main stay. A couple of nice stations I found a JW in Svalbard, and when I was calling CQ a TF from Greenland called me he was weak. I spend more time calling CQ Sunday than Saturday.

Another problem affecting everyone was an N1MM QTC issue. There was a problem with QTC RX. Once the station started to send the QTC, the RX stopped after the header. There was much complaining from the EU stations who live on the QTC for their big scores. Saw some choice words about it. But most of them said TX QTC only my N1MM is broke. A few toughed it out though. N1MM put a fix up late Saturday that partially repaired the issue. You could receive QTC but had to manually scroll the receive window and many were still struggling with the QTC RX. I struggled with it too. Then N1MM put a BETA version up that fixed the problem and this morning put a public version up with all the fixes. Still a lot of stations did not update the problem and were saying no to RX QTC. It just goes to show you every contest there is a different hurdle cross, I wonder what the next one will be? Anyone else play this weekend? If you did please use Meriden ARC as your club for the aggregate score.

Al - N1API