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Full Version: 6 Meter Beacon
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Well the 6 meter contest is pretty much a flop. Not much more on than local ground wave, New England, NY and NJ.

I sort of gave up and figured the only solution was to go out for a Banana Split at DQ. As I was sitting here muching down on it I was scanning the bands for any signals.

The only thing I came across was a Beacon on 50.077. The call was N2GSR so decided to look it up to see where it was located. I could not find it in the 2018 RAC. Must be new I thought so I went to QRZ who usually has the updates almost daily. Nothing there either. Also checked my Win1010 which gets the FCC updates weekly, nothing.

Finally I checked Ham.com and found the call which said that the license had expired over 2 years ago. https://hamcall.net/call?callsign=N2GSR

So I'm wondering how the station can be on the air with an expired license? Is this perhaps something from an SK that never got turned off? Or some other use of a call that is not in the FCC database?

Things that make you go hummmmm?

that sounds like the N2GHR/B beacon in Centereach Long Island. I hear it at my QTH but not strong. Its stronger at the W1NRG station at the firehouse.