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Full Version: BaKer Island - Great Signals Tough Pile Up
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The Baker Island DXpedition has had a great signal especially on 20 meters. I've been concentrating mostly on FT8 but have gotten into the CE fray because I need that mode on any band.

The signal seems to start to peak somewhere between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM, (yes at night), and has been good up to as late a 2:30 in the morning, maybe later but that's been as late, (early?) as I've listened. (Their time zone is -12 GMT I don't think they do Daylight Saving Time so figure two hours behind Hawaii time). I have also heard them on 17 CW but not as strong.

Thursday after the meeting Rob and I listened for them but the only place we found them was on 17 meter FT8 which is pretty good because they club does not have any gain antennas for the WARC bands.

After I got home I got on 17 meter FT8 and worked them in about 20 minutes. I've heard nothing yet on 15, 12, or 10. I need them on both 12 and 10 but that may be a long shot with the way the bands are. During the day they are spotted mostly on 75, 40 and sometime 160 especially in the early morning hours. During our mid-day spots disappear but then again they are in the middle of their night. Being almost on the equator the have nearly 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night year round, (it only varies a few minutes year round on the equator - how boring is that?). So figure about 6 AM sunrise and 6 PM sunset.

Good luck with this one.