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Full Version: Latest KK issue
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I will be updating this history area every month with a new feature.   We will keep the most recent newsletter (Key Klix) here available for viewing or downloading. This might help those who might be having trouble getting those email notifications normally. 

Advantages are:
The isssues are available instantly and downloads are as fast as your PC system can handle.  Large (super sized issues are not a problem)
Files are secure and virus free due to our servers antimalware capabilties.
Less problems with "email" attached files.    GMAIL accounts are the #1 choice of spammers and many ISPs will create false positives and send certain Gmails that have various "hooks" that activate anti-spam utilities that think your email is spam. .  

You can Subscribe to this thread and the forum will automatically send you a short email notice with a direct link to view this thread and it's downloadable Key Klix issue as soon as a new issue is posted here.  

This is an experiment at this time.   Comments are welcome.   If you are having trouble with getting those large Key Klix email attachments then try looking here for an alternative solution.   .