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Full Version: Shopping @ the YCCC
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To all:
From the YCCC website
Someone may be interested:

Ad #1
The Nashua Area Radio Club (NARC) is downsizing its inventory of hardware
to be in line with reduced Field Day activity over the years. The beams
listed below have been used by the club for 20 years (+/-) only for Field
Day each year. They have been stored in a large truck trailer to stay
high, dry and critter-free when not in use. These beams have helped NARC
place #1 in the country four years in a row in the 90s before W3AO got
pissed off. They work well although they don't look too pretty with tape
marks on them.

40-2CD Cushcraft 2-element beam w/choke bead balun vice coiled balun to
make it easier to install - $250
3 each, 15-4CD Cushcraft 4-element 15 meter beams - $200 each
20-4CD Cushcraft 4-element 20 meter beam - $200 (missing the skinny V-saddles for the boom-to-mast plate)
Hygain 402BA 4-element 20 meter beam - $200

I can deliver in a 60-mile radius of Merrimack, NH, including an
agreed-to meeting spot.

73 de TE

Ad #2
Hello and HNY all,

I have, for sale, a like new, used very little
Ameritron AL-811H amplifier with original packing.
Included is an extra set of 4 New Matched 811A's
still in the box! Asking $625.00 + shipping.

I also have an almost new MFJ 962D High Power
VersaTuner III for sale! Asking $175.00.

Will sell both for $750.00 + Shipping.
I have pictures if interested...