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Full Version: N1MM+ Voice Hot Keys (F-Keys)
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Any interest in learning how to make the F-Keys in N1MM+ work for SSB?

Since I've had to re-establish N1MM+ Databases and other related files, I have some increased familiarity with the process (since I've had to do it three times now Rolleyes) and could make a single evening Power Point Presentation (maybe with handouts if there's enough time) for an Activity Meeting.

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Hints & Kinks
A) N1MM+: 'Operator Login'. When operating our Club Station, remember to log your callsign prior to making contacts.
Press [CTRL] + [O], a popup window appears. Type your own callsign, press [ENTER]. All of your contacts will be recorded as W1NRG but if the
QSL Manager or Contest Organizer has a question about a specific contact, we can ask the Operator about it.
Also N1MM+ keeps tabs on rate by Operator if anyone were interested.

B) N1MM+: 'Enter Sends Message Mode'.
You must first enable "ESM" Mode. In Config., under the F Key Tab, enable Next is F4 Key. Then in Config., check the Enter Sends Message Mode. Of course your Audio Files must be in-place and enabled. Right mouse-button click any F-Key in N1MM. You will be taken to the F-Key config applet. Here you can see where the F-Key files are defined by name. Once your .wav files are made, it's an easy matter to redefine these keys. For another Hints & Kinks Article though!

While Running and upon hearing a Caller; type the Callers callsign, press enter once to answer his call,
enter again to exchange, enter again keys TU, logs the contact and re-enters CQ mode with the callsign. Works similarly for S&P. We'd have to
set up your favorite or usual F-Keys (voice files for SSB, text files for CW/Digimodes). This feature dovetails with 'Operator Login' above.
Once the voice files or text files are complete, we drop those in a folder named with your callsign. Once you log in with your callsign,
the files in your named folder will be in-use until you log off.
I first tried this during the 2016 CQ WW RTTY test. For a 4 numeral callsign, that's 7 keystrokes!!