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Operating Tip: "Please Copy" - KC1BAQ - 11-19-2014

From "The ARRL Contest Update for November 19, 2014":


Please copy? Please don't! Imagine this pre-Sweepstakes conversation as Elmer prepares to hand off the controls to his protégée:
"OK, when the clock rolls over to 2100 UTC..."
"I know - call CQ, right?"
"No, I want you to say "please copy" 500 times in a row."
"You might as well get it out of your system. Follow it with another 500 of "You are" and 110 leading zeroes. Then you can call CQ."
"But that will take a half hour!"
"Sure will...but you were going to say it anyway!"

Unnecessary verbiage slows everything down, whether it's a contest or an emergency communication net. Try to eliminate it from your on the air transmissions. Write down a script to help you say only what you need to say. The editor fesses up to having a weakness for adding in an extra "Thanks" at the beginning of a QSO when one at the end is plenty.

I admit I was guilty of saying this during the sweepstakes. I heard someone else do it and adopted it myself. Are there any other common unnecessary phrases used by newbies on the air?