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To MARC from the club historian.
Not everyone uses the reflector.  Not everyone attends meetings.  And not everyone uses the forum.   However, the MARC Forum has been available as a MARC resource long before twitter, Facebook or email lists and reflectors existed OR any of the many iterations of MARC websites.  If you would like learn more about the history of the MARC forum watch for an upcoming more detailed post ON the forum’s own MARC History Forum area right here.          

And now my message to MARC which I alluded to on the refecltor.   

There is a much under-utilized MARC resource that I "think" get often ignored.  I was going to post the following on the MARC reflector, BUT the reflector (which is a GOOD, quick tool to get a small amount of info out fast to EVERYONE quickly) is really NOT a good venue to have an on going detailed "discussion". It's great way to get a quick important note out to the members, but can be probamatical.  Let me be clear.  There is a time and place when and where a reflector works well and might be fine for most folks.  I would like to point out that a "forum" can do everything (and more) that a reflector does.  AND the two can certainly co-exist as MARC resources.  However I think most of the members of this club don't use the forum and seem to prefer to get their info from the web site, newletter, web site, reflector or meetings (in person or zoom).  I hope (as the forum creator and adminitrator) to help our members learn more about this resource via news leter articles, posts here on the forum, and work with our club activity committee to possibly host a zoom activity meeting with an on line demo of all the features and show what you can do with your forum.

But first here is some preliminary info to get you started:  
Log in to the forum using your call sign and password.
Note.  The MARC forum is open to members and non-members alike worldwide. But ONLY as a READ ONLY forum. You must be a registered MARC member to be able to create new posts or reply to posts AND only MARC members have access to the MEMBERs only area.   Of course as a registered MARC member, you will have full access both reading and posting to all areas.
When in the forum you'll see several main forum areas listed in large banners across the pages.
A few of the  more popular Main forums are:  

MARC Members Only Area
Contesting DXing And Special Events
MARC On The Air Activity
General Discussions
Each main forum has sub forums where you can join discussions concerning many club and ham related areas.   For example
Main forum: MARC On The Air Activity
Sub forum:  POTA
Topic/post:  K-1717 and  K-6832 (by KC1SA on Feb 7, 2023)
Main forum: MARC Members Only Area
Sub forum: Meriden Amateur Radio Club Member's Area (MARC members only)
Topic/post: UPDATE ON MARC CONSTITUTION (by N1API on May 12, 2018)
The advantage a “forum” has is that it can be used to store and retrieve info, discussions and other things for whatever duration the administration chooses.   Although this forum has been running since the early 90s we generally leave the data listed a minimum of around 10 years.  For example the last post about our constitution was in the member’s only area 5 years ago.  Another example
Main Forum: MARC On The Air Activity
Sub forum: Club Nets
Topic/post: 6m Nets (6 Meter Net - Check ins)
That was started 9 years ago and is one of the more active threads. It has been viewed 5,602 times since 2014 and is updated every week.  (Thanks to N1ZN) 

The MARC forum has a lot of areas.  You can subscibe to and be automactically notified by email the instant a new post or comment is made.  And yes, you can specifiy the exact area you want to montior, any special thread, or a whole forum or sub forun,  I'd suggest making the "Late breaking news" a subscribed forum.   We post important recent club related and sometimes ham related important news to that forum,  which is usually scrolled across top of the main forum  page as a headline.  
Comments about this post?   Reply here.
Rich - WA1TRY 
The good thing about information here is it never goes away. Where the comments on the reflector are good for a quick notice to members IE a POTA on the air, a DX Post, a band opening. They are gone after you read them. The Contest Scores for example are "forever" and you can look back see what they were and compare with current contests and check band conditions. This is just one example of the versatility of the Forum

Al - N1API

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