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Aging Hams and hearing loss
Many of us Hams are north of 50 years and that's about when hearing loss starts but it is often overlooked (until your significant other nags you to get it checked).  I ignored my hearing loss since it was so gradual I didn't notice I had hearing issues.   After getting my hearing professionally checked it was determined that I have moderate hearing loss.   I got hearing aids about two weeks ago which turned out to be a bit of an education on Bluetooth compatibility.  

I spent years helping engineers design Bluetooth support into their products but never hearing aids, so I had a bunch of catching up to do.  I can happily say I now can hear quite well throughout the day.   Hearing aids have progressed significantly from the days when my mother wore them.  No longer do I have to change batteries nor be concerned about feedback and talking on a phone that has to be hearing aid compatible.     I have successfully connected and streamed audio information from my phone, PC, and Ham Radios  my hearing aids.  I guess gone are the days of headsets on my head (that will be a relief in the shack in mid-July).  I checked out the IC-7610 and TS-2000 with the Bluetooth streaming to the ears and it does an acceptable job.  

On the downside, normal everyday Bluetooth doesn't seem to support my hearing aids since my models are ASHA-compliant (and the Apple equivalent).  I had the Audiologist and the Manufacturer investigate my options and they have a small Bluetooth bridge device that converts Bluetooth (4.x and above) to Bluetooth LE with the ASHA protocol.   

Brand: Oticon
Model: More 2
Bluetooth Bridge: ConnectClip

So far, so good.

73, Steve - KC1SA
Good information.
I never thought that hearing aids could be connected via Bluetooth to my radios. I'm not at the point yet where I need hearing aids. Now when my wife tells me that I can't hear her it is only because I'm choosing to and not because I can't.
Formerly KC1OYM    Confused
Clear on your final

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