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FWD: Please help us by providing your input
The ARRL has placed the Member's Survey on it's web page.   Here is the
introductory message sent around to ARRL members.   I encourage all ARRL
Members to participate in this survey.

-73-  Al


On May 1st, the ARRL began a survey for members to provide feedback on
changes we’re considering to ARRL dues and membership. The ARRL
survey will remain open until May 31st. It is very important that you
take a few moments and share with us your opinions on how changes could
be made to ensure the long-term viability of ARRL and to serve your
needs best. Raising dues is not something any organization enjoys
doing. We want to try to do this in a way that takes into account your

Your input is very important to us. All members will influence the
decisions we’re considering. If you have already taken the survey,
thank you! If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to do so soon.
The results from the survey will be tabulated and shared with members on
the ARRL website in June. Your response will ultimately help guide the
future of ARRL. The survey is only available to ARRL members. Why?
Because you have a stake in the outcome!

You can find the survey online at
Please make sure you log into first before trying to take
the survey.

If you are not logged into already, please select the Login
button at the top of the web page, and you will be prompted to enter
your ARRL website username (usually your call sign) and password. If you
have not logged in since April 2022, please use the Login Instructions

Thank you for being an ARRL member and for your ongoing support of
amateur radio and the ARRL.

ARRL New England Division
Director: Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC

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