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Section News From K1EIC

de N1API
Of particular interest:
The resignation of NC1L, Bill Moore from the ARRL as Awards Manager
The use of DMR radios in the recent snow emergency by section leaders
The decision by the Boxboro Convention Committee to make the affair
a yearly event.


Section Leadership:
Section Manager (SM) Betsey, K1EIC
Assistants (ASMs): Emeritus Al, W1FXQ; Jim, KD1YV; Larry, K1HEJ
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Chuck, K1DFS
Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Dana, KA1WPM
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Wayne, N1CLV
Assistants (ASECs): Rod, N1FNE; Brian, K1BRF; Art, AF1HS; Ron, K1VSC;
Bill, W1GTT
State Government Liaison (SGL) Jon, WF1H
Section Traffic Manager (STM) Anne, K1STM
Technical Coordinator (TC) Steve W1SMS

Here’s a note from Bill Moore NC1L that he wants to share. “After
much consultation with my family and as a result of the life changing
accident I suffered in July, 2014, I have decided to relinquish my
position as Awards Manager at ARRL Hq and focus my full effort on
physical therapy. I have enjoyed my years at ARRL and the countless
friends I have made within the ham radio community.

I hope to maintain contact as best I can vie email and hope someday I
will be able to get back on the bands. Email can be sent to me at and while I plan to read each and every one, I
cannot promise to reply in a timely manner.

With much gratitude and sincere thanks,

Wilfred (Bill) Moore, NC1L”

We’re all praying for you Bill.

During this week’s blizzard, many ops were busy helping out on Sky
Warn nets, deploying to Red Cross shelters, communicating as part of
CERT communications teams, monitoring activity in case needed and I’m
sure other activities not mentioned here. Hartford and Tolland County
Sky Warn coordinated by Roger K1PAI ran nets throughout the early
morning hours when most were asleep. I had planned to make the 2:00
a.m. net but never made it. For the first time, our SEC Wayne N1CLV
and his leadership team used DMR (digital mobile radio) to conduct
scheduled meetings and monitor the situation throughout the Section.
Over 50 ARES members checked into the DMR net Sunday night to be
updated about changes in the network and information about the storm.
About the same number participated in the regular 2 meter ARES net to
prepare for the storm. Here’s a comment from EC Greg KB1YHW which I
think expresses our sentiments about the new CT ARES DMR network and
its use during storm Oliver. I am quoting it here with permission:
Thank you Wayne for your leadership of the CT ARES response team and
the impressive utilization of the CT-ARES DMR network. The 99.9 - 100%
statewide ARES participation in the communication Nets, including the CT
State EOC, demonstrated CT-ARES network capability and CT ARES
leadership vision during the storm Oliver activation. Thank you CSPARC
(CT State Police ARC) for CT-ARES DMR network design, logistical
support, and guiding light.”—Greg KB1YHW Well stated Greg.

Wayne received a thank you for excellent service from Sue
Rochester-Bolen, Senior Director Emergency Services, American Red Cross
CT-RI Region. She commended the “absolutely great team” of ARES ops
who manned her shelters. Two shelters were open, one in East Lyme and
another in Norwich.

Thank you for your service on whatever band and mode you used.
Everyone was attentive and thoroughly engaged. DECs, all assistants,
ECs, good work!

I attended Director Frenaye’s Division cabinet meeting along with
several club presidents from the Section. Those attending were Don
K1CMM immediate past president Middlesex ARS, Stan W2VID president
Southern Berkshire ARS, Chip N1MIE president RASON, Liz N1MLG from
RASON, and Peter KB1KZC president ICRC along with Chris KB1YNE vice

We learned that the committee that organizes the New England Division
Convention in Boxboro, MA is considering having the hamfest yearly. It
will be held this year during the last weekend of August. The program
committee is looking for your ideas on forums; contact Vice Director
Mike K1TWF

Tom gave us some figures showing the number of new hams in the Division
over the last 6 months and the number of upgrades. Looking at the
numbers, CT is second in New England in both categories with Eastern MA
number one. EMA had 168 new hams and CT 110. There were 68 upgrades
in EMA with CT not far behind at 51. Not bad but I bet with all the
training going on here, we’ll do even better next year!

The New Year brings some changes. Bob KB1RGQ has stepped down as net
manager of the Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net so he can focus on recovering
from upcoming orthopedic surgeries. Bob very much enjoyed managing the
net for over 3 years and did a very fine job. We all express our thanks
to him for serving as net manager. It was a pleasure working with you

Another Bob has stepped up to lead this net. STM Anne K1STM recruited
a fine traffic handler. KB1ZBH has assumed the duties of NM of this
net. He is an active traffic handler on The Western CT Traffic Net and
the Nutmeg VHF Traffic net so we’re real pleased to have him come
aboard and join the NTS leadership team. Thanks Bob—congratulations.
BTW, this net was the first VHF traffic NTS net started by Bill
Baldyga, K1YGS and others. And WESCONN was started by then STM Joe
W1AIU (first STM) during the blizzard of ’78.

Congratulations to ASM Emeritus Al Cohen W1FXQ. He was featured in the
QCWA Journal for 80 years as an Amateur radio operator! Wow!

Congratulations to Bill KW1B now located in NC on his upcoming marriage
in late April. Bill checks into our nets when he can. DMR ops, listen
for him on the North America talk group.

Just before this year’s storm hit, The Greater Bridgeport and Greater
Norwalk clubs each coordinated a winter field day. Greater Bridgeport
ops went to the Recreations Center in Shelton and Greater Norwalk used
their new communications center. Clubs worked between 100 and 130
stations, had several participants including new hams and enjoyed the
camaraderie together at a time when it’s more difficult to be
together. I had hoped to visit each group but the ice and my difficult
driveway kept me at home.

Joel Hallas W1ZR will speak at the next meeting of The Greater
Fairfield Amateur Radio Association to be held on Wednesday, February 4
at 7:30 at the Fairfield Police Station. The topic is of interest to
all of us: Antenna Gain: What does it Mean? “We all have an idea of
what gain means – but what does antenna gain really mean and how do
we measure it? How can we compare different manufacturers' antenna
specifications and how can we make sense of all of their claims?”

The Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club had a demonstration of the CS-700
radio and general discussion about DMR at their January meeting.

Tim Walker W1GIG was given honorary membership in the Greater Norwalk
Amateur Radio Club and was given a plaque for his many years of service
to GNARC. Congratulations Tim!

Tom K1TA announces that there are 25 members in the “Fairfield County
Ham Trader” on Facebook
For further information contact

I’m pleased to see many training opportunities this winter.
There’s more in-person activity during the cold months than ever

Earlier this month, over 40 ops participated in a workshop on the topic
of programming DMR radios. The workshop was coordinated by the CT State
Police ARC. Workshop leaders were Paul N1RHN our host, Pat N1OTW, Ed
K1ZE, Scott N1KSX and SEC Wayne N1CLV. Participants very much
appreciated this hands-on opportunity to learn more about this new
digital mode in Amateur radio. It was well organized and lots of fun!
In the last 4 months, 22 repeaters (with 2 more to come on board soon)
have been added to the network. Pat N1OTW does the heavy networking
tasks. Others in the club who were not at the workshop are Bob KC1BNS
and Matt KA9CRG. They are all often heard on the air working hard to
make CT’s ARES DMR network the best it can be. Many thanks to the
clubs and individuals who have stepped up to the plate and sponsored
repeaters. This continues to be a cooperative and collaborative

Make this your year to upgrade. A General license prep class is
forming now. Paul Gibson, N1TUP will conduct it on 5 Fridays beginning
1/30/2015 at 7 PM in the Manchester EOC, 2nd floor, 321 Olcott Street,
Manchester, CT 06040. Classes and study materials are free courtesy of
The BEARS amateur radio club. The FCC exam fee is $15. Please contact
Paul Gibson,, to sign up.

The Charter Oak Amateur Radio Club is in its third week of a course for
the Amateur Extra Class license. Here’s a report from OOC Chuck
K1DFS, one of the instructors. “There are seventeen students from
throughout Connecticut, including a husband-wife team from next to the
New York line in lower Fairfield County. It's a full class!!

We are teaching from the ARRL Extra Class Manual, 10th Edition, using a
number of proven aids such as PowerPoint slides from successful courses
offered by others, as well as our own, a full set of quizzes given and
graded weekly, demonstration materials, and in-depth discussions of
critical materials.

The Team consists of three principal instructors: Chuck-K1DFS,
George-N1RMF, Mike-N1QLN, with assistant instructors Walt-K1WMS and

This course is the third in a course cycle of Technician to General to
Extra Class. These courses are all ten weeks in length, with a pass
rate, so far, in excess of ninety percent of those who complete the
course. This gives validity to the decision by the Team to commit to
teach a full schedule of ten week courses and the commitment of the
students to put in the time and effort to be successful.

Success requires time and effort, on everyone's part!” For more
information, write

DEC George AB1GL is conducting a technician class sponsored by The
Newington Amateur Radio League. The course just started so if you know
of someone interested, contact George to see if there is
still room.

On the ARES front, you can take the ICS courses in person. Here’s
the scoop.
Schedule of upcoming courses Wallingford Senior Center, 238 Washington
St, Wallingford; time 8:30 a.m.
February 21 IS-700 - The National Incident Management System (NIMS)
March 21 IS-200 - Resources and Initial Action Incidents
April 18 IS-800 - The National Response Framework

And there’s more. Region 2 ARES is offering RMS Express 101 Getting
Started with RMS Express on Saturday, February 7 in Wallingford (see
paragraph above) at 8:30 a.m. Data Communications is one of the
primary communications tools we have available to support our "Served
Agencies", and CT ARES - Region 2 is offering a Saturday morning
workshop to get you started on your path to using RMS Express, and that
will be followed in March with "RMS Express 201 - Practical
Applications". Contact DEC Douglas WA1SFH for further

The Algonquin Amateur Radio Club of Marlborough MA is holding its
annual Ham Radio flea market on Saturday, February 14, 2015. We invite
all hams as buyers, vendors or ragchewers. VEC licensing exams will
also be available, starting at 9:00 AM. The market will be held at the
1LT Charles W. Whitcomb Middle School (25 Union St, Marlborough MA),
located within about two miles of the intersection of I-290 and I-495.

Doors open at 6:30 AM for vendor setup and 9:00 AM for buyers. We have
alternate/overflow parking at the nearby Marlborough High School with a
bus running between parking lots and the flea entrance.

General admission is $5.
Vendor tables may be purchased in advance for $15 (before Feb 6 or $20
at the door) and include admission for one.

Details and a flyer with a vendor reservation form are available
through our web page: (aka.

Further queries can be sent to:

I have unfortunately two very sad items to report.

I have just learned that EC KB1TOR Paul Gibb’s younger brother Kenny
was killed in an automobile accident this past Thursday in Barkhamsted.
He was only 46 years old. This is really devastating news. You can
send notes and cards of sympathy to Paul at 339 Norfolk Road,
Litchfield, CT 06759; email

Some of you will remember Rob NA1O, former EC of Brookfield. Well, I
just learned that in August, he lost his 27-year-old daughter Jessica
and in November his wife Linne, KA1OLP passed away. I hope many of you
will email Rob, give him your support and encourage him to
become active when he can.

Paul and Rob, we’re all here for you. We’re keeping your families
in your prayers.

ARRL Connecticut Section
Section Manager: Betsey M Doane, K1EIC

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