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Poll: NEQP Operation Poll (multiple choices ok).
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NEQP 2016
Hi All!

NEQP 2016 is just around the corner. Club voted to make this a Club Effort at the Club House.

Attached are the Saturday and Sunday schedule sheets.

Please consider a slot or two or four to come up to the MRC and operate.

Whichever mode you want to operate is your choice but there will be only one radio on the air. Please reply to this Thread or to me via the Reflector or direct.

We had at least six Operators indicate interest at the last meeting.

Some info:

Object: To contact as many New England stations (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont) in as many New England counties as possible on 80-40-20-15-10m. (New England stations work anyone)

Date: First full weekend of May (May 7-8, 2016)

Contest Period: 2000Z Saturday until 0500Z Sunday (4pm EDT Saturday until 1am EDT Sunday) and 1300Z Sunday until 2400Z Sunday (9am EDT Sunday until 8pm EDT Sunday).

Categories: Single-operator high power, low power(150w or less) and QRP(5w or less) categories, plus multi-operator, single transmitter. Same four categories for mobiles.

Contest Exchange: Send signal report and state/province (DX stations send signal report and "DX"). New England stations send signal report, county and state.

Valid Contact: Work New England stations once per band/mode. New England stations work anyone(and must copy the county for New England stations worked. CW contacts must not be made in the phone band segments. Mobiles that change counties are considered to be new stations, and can be worked for both multiplier and QSO Point credit. County line QSOs should be logged as two separate QSOs. Crossmode, crossband and repeater QSOs are not permitted.

QSO Points: Count one point per phone QSO, two points per CW (includes digital modes)QSO.

Multiplier: Stations outside of New England use counties as multipliers for a total of 67 (CT/8 MA/14 ME/16 NH/10 RI/5 VT/14). New England stations use states(50)(Count DC as MD), Canadian provinces(14) and DXCC countries as multipliers.

[Edited to add Digital Mode in Poll, will add sked sheets tonight]

Attached Files
.pdf   Sat-Sked-NEQP2016.pdf (Size: 33.5 KB / Downloads: 43)
.pdf   Sun-Sked-NEQP2016.pdf (Size: 33.47 KB / Downloads: 42)
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
Home Email

I will primarily operate 7QP but be around Sunday for NEQP. NEQP seems to be geared more toward those who can work 40 and 75 meters and the contesters who go to Nearfest.

This will be the last event that I'll operate before the tower comes down for antenna repair / upgrades.

Al - N1API
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
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