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Worked All Europe SSB Contest September 10th and 11th

Dear fellow contersters!

The WAEDC Contest Committee would like to invite you to the next round of the WAEDC Contest Season Number 62!

The SSB leg is taking place: Saturday, September 10th 2016, 0000 UTC until Sunday, September 11th 2016, 2359 UTC


Please use this upload link for your 2016 WAEDC log: follow the upload link!

We accept cabrillo logs only!

The upload is active from the contest start till Deadline.

The QTCs are the bread and butter of this contest and all the competitive stations would appreciate to exchange QTCs for their score!

WAEDC Rules can be found here:

A WAEDC Webinar can be found here:

Also please join us on Facebook:

Good luck in the contest!

Hope to hear you on the bands.


Helmut Müller DF7ZS
(WAEDC Manager)


20 meters again was the money band. 15 meters has not performed well today only 20 QSOs there. I did give away 22 QTCs on 15 though. Maybe it will open tomorrow.

20 meters even though it was open still not the band it should be. The big guns are always strong but the average contest station sometimes hard to copy. I did end up with 138 Qs on 20 and 136 QTCs given away. Picked a few spots to call CQ. But surprising enough even though 20 and 15 were not in the greatest shape, I was hearing India, Indonesia, Mongolia and other Asian stations well into late morning especially on 20 meters. I was surprised to hear Indonesia on 15 meters early morning, its usually something you hear in the evening over the North Pole, but they were there this morning on both bands. In fact I was calling CQ on 20 and had to move because of QRM from a loud station calling next me, it was a station from Indonesia. I think the first time I can say that I was QRMed bu and Indonesian station!

20 Meters seemed to die just after dark, the big guns are still there it seems but I've work all of them already, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Off to watch a little of METS game then put a Blu-ray in.

BTW I did hear W1NRG working a station I think it was contact 95, who was on the mic?

Al - N1API

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