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Some Chat About Yaesu On The 10-10 Reflector

There's some chatting going on about Yaesu on the 10-10 reflector. Mel, KD5DE started it out by mentioning that he purchased a new Yaesu FT-991 that is three weeks old and he purchased it new at the Shreveport Hamfest. He said that the paint is peeling off the knobs. He emailed Yaesu and they told him to ship it back fully insured and they will sent it back to him but they don't insure it unless you pay for insurance. The rig is only three weeks old. Others suggested sending it back to the people who he purchased it from. I would think if they are the smaller knobs and they are easily replaced they could just send him knobs, if he sent them a picture and scan of the receipt.

There was also some mention about the Yaesu 857-D and if you have it in the mobile keep the radio out of the sun and heat because it destroys the LCD. Yaesu can not get replacements for the display anymore. If course it's always good advise to keep your radio out of sun and heat. But I'm wondering if the 857-D will be the next model to be replaced because Yaesu can't get the display and who knows what other parts can't be replaced? Too bad cause there are thousands, (millions?) out there.

This is like my DCU-1 rotor control from Hy-Gain where the replacement price of the Gas Plasma Display is more than the price for the replacement model the DCU-3 which uses a more common and less expensive LCD display.

I guess let the buyer beware. And do some research before buying.


Al - N1API

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