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Connecticut Section News - September 2016

Section Leadership:
Section Manager (SM) Betsey, K1EIC
Assistants (ASMs): Emeritus Al, W1FXQ; Jim, KD1YV; Larry, K1HEJ
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Chuck, K1DFS
Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Dana, KA1WPM
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Wayne, N1CLV
Assistants (ASECs): Rod, N1FNE; Brian, K1BRF; Art, AF1HS; Ron, K1VSC;
Bill, W1GTT
State Government Liaison (SGL) Jon, WF1H
Section Traffic Manager (STM) Anne, K1STM
Section Youth Coordinator (SYC) Douglas, WA1SFH
Technical Coordinator (TC) Steve W1SMS

Greetings all!

The first thing I want to say is a big thank you to our Division
director Tom Frenaye K1KI and vice director Mike Raisbeck K1TWF for the
beautiful plaque on the occasion of my retirement as SM, their kind
words and their thoughtfulness. I want to thank all of you for your
wonderful notes of congratulations and friendship. Special thanks to
the many volunteers who served on my cabinet; I appreciated their
counsel, dedication and good work. When any one of us receives an
award, we’re all uplifted and should share in the celebration because
our work depends on the support of others. Our programs in CT continue
to be dynamic because of your enthusiasm and teamwork. Thus, you
enhance Amateur radio and enjoy the camaraderie our hobby and service
provides. The Section has close to 50 active ARRL clubs and strong
ARRL programs. As a group, you appropriately demand activities that
keep you moving forward with technical and operating training.

It truly has been a privilege to lead this Section these last 25 years.
Together, we have had a lot of fun at both small and large events.
Each of you has your own memories of a variety of Amateur radio
experiences. These newsletters are archived on the ARRL site so if you
are so inclined, browse through them and read about our involvement in
Special Olympics 1995 which involved every program in the field
organization (see “The 1995 Special Olympics World Games” QST
October, 1995 p. 24), TOPOFF 3 in 2005
(, “Spring
training” (Section news April, 2009) in 2009, very many public
service events, excellent simulated emergency tests and work in real
emergencies during hurricanes and snow storms, the excitement of new
modes including large packet boards prevalent in the early 1990’s,
Winlink, the rapid rise of DMR in CT, mesh networking, and so much
more. I can tell you for sure that each of my SECs and I always
enjoyed coming to your field day sites, witnessing your creativity,
operating a bit, sharing some food and of course, hamming it up by way
of some great in-person QSOs. What fun!

Now, there’s even more fun coming. It’s time for the Nutmeg
Hamfest, our State Convention sponsored by the Meriden Amateur Radio
Club. Read about it in this note from John, N1GNV: “Hi Friends:

The Twenty-Fourth Annual Nutmeg Hamfest will take place on
Sunday, October 16th, 2016
Southern New England's Biggest and Best Hamfest!

Where: The Sheraton 4-Points Hotel, 275 Research Parkway, Meriden,

When: Vendor Setup and Tailgating at 6AM. Exhibits open at 8AM

What: New and Used Ham Radios, Accessories, Electronics, Surplus, etc.
Interesting Forums and Displays; VE Testing, Connecticut State ARRL
Convention, and much more.

More: As many of you know, Betsey, K1EIC has retired after 25 years as
ARRL CT Section Manager. Take this opportunity to thank her and to
welcome incoming SM Chuck Motes, K1DFS at the ARRL forum.

Sky warn Coordinator Steve Williams, K1SJW, will offer an overview of
Ham Radio's invaluable assistance when severe weather strikes.

And Steve Ford, WB8IMY, will have a great presentation on JT-65 and
other digital modes. Don't miss this one!

Attention Sellers: We still have a few prime indoor tables available.
E-mail for details.

Complete information on our Website,

Thanks and 73,
John Bee N1GNV”

You also know that SEC Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV is retiring from this
position after eight years of excellent service to the Section. At the
ARRL Forum, I will be presenting an engraved plaque to Wayne so please
come at 9:00 AM and celebrate Wayne’s work.

DEC Douglas WA1SFH will be on hand to coordinate the “go kit”
competition at the ARES booth so get your kits ready and share your
ideas with others. For rules and information, go to v

The day before, Saturday, October 15, is also important. You have all
spoken about getting more young people into Amateur radio. Now Section
Youth Coordinator Douglas WA1SFH has an opportunity for you to do just
that. He needs your help so please read on.

“I have been asked by 3 SEPARATE BSA CAMPS to coordinate support for
HF and VHF/UHF Amateur Radio stations for the Boy Scouts to participate
in this “non-competition” event at each Camp.

This is a “captive audience” for us, and for many scouts this will
be their first encounter with Amateur Radio. It is a great opportunity
for us to “spark” their imagination and help them to start building
the dream about being a Ham. (Have you seen the ARRL brochure for kids,
“22 Things You Can Do”?)
We are looking for 3 complete stations (preferably 4), with 3-4
operators for each location. It is a full day of Radio Fun as you
introduce 200-250 scouts to our great hobby.

Locations: Goshen, New Hartford, Redding.
Status (9/20/16) REDDING
The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club (GNARC) has graciously agreed to
bring 2 full stations and operators here.
- Still looking for a Club (or other folks) to bring and operate a 3rd
complete station.

Imagine being able to introduce over 200 kids to our great hobby in
just one day!
But to do that, we need YOUR HELP.
The Camps in Goshen and New Harford are beautiful in October and
provide a wonderful day ‘in the country’.
So, no matter where you live, you will have a great experience just by
coming out for the day.”—WA1SFH
To volunteer your Club or to sign up individually, please contact
Douglas at:

Now I will say 73 as the author of these monthly newsletters and want
you to know how much I have appreciated your comments about the news
over the years. Many thanks to the ARRL staff, especially Steve Ewald
who is unbelievably helpful. He is never too busy for leaders in the
field. I know that you will give our new SM Chuck Motes, K1DFS your
help and support. I’ll see you on the air, on the nets and at

As I said when I received the award at the Division Convention, I thank
my family and close friends for their encouragement and, most of all,
God for the ability to lead this great Section.

Vy 73, Betsey, K1EIC SM.

ARRL Connecticut Section
Section Manager: Betsey M Doane, K1EIC

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