Meriden Amateur Radio Club
Established 1947

The Meriden Amateur Radio Club sponsors the
Wallingford Repeater Association

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Wallingford Repeater

147.36 MHz

Covering South - Central

Repeater Plan of Operation

NAME: The Wallingford Repeater Association of the Meriden Amateur Radio Club, Inc., herein known as the Wallingford Repeater Association (WRA).
PURPOSE: The WRA shall provide a reliable method of emergency and normal communications in fulfilling the stated purposes of MARC, Inc. The WRA shall also provide incidental communications for any properly licensed member of the Amateur Radio Service in the Central Connecticut area within the constraints of their individual license privileges.
CALL IDENTIFICATION: The Repeater shall identify using the assigned amateur call of W1KKF/R. Any change to this Call Identification shall be under the jurisdiction of the Governing Board.
GOVERNING BOARD: The WRA shall be operated and maintained by a board of five (5) members in good standing of MARC, Inc. The board members shall elect a chairperson from their ranks. The President of MARC, Inc. shall be a sixth, non-voting, ex-officio member of the Governing Board.
Governing Board members shall serve a one-year term, commencing on April 1
st. At the first regular business meeting of the calendar year, the chairperson of the Governing Board shall present the five candidates to MARC, Inc. for ratification by the membership for the next term. Ratification shall be accomplished by a majority vote at a regular business meeting. Vacancies to the Governing Board shall be filled by recommendations from the remaining Governing Board members, subject to ratification by MARC, Inc. by a majority vote at a regular business meeting. The Governing Board chairperson shall inform the MARC, Inc. of any proposed changes in its makeup.
The Governing Board shall have sole responsibility to provide continuous repeater service consistent with applicable requirements of the FCC Rules Part 97 and reasonable engineering and maintenance procedures.
The Governing Board shall report to MARC, Inc. on the repeater status annually.
MEMBERSHIP: All members in good standing of MARC, Inc. shall be members of the WRA.
EQUIPMENT: All equipment of the WRA shall become the property of MARC, Inc., but controlled, operated and maintained by the Board.
In the event of dissolution of this merger, all equipment necessary to the operation of the repeater shall revert to ownership of the WRA at no cost to the WRA.
The Governing Board shall provide the MARC, Inc. Station Activity Manager with an equipment inventory. This inventory list shall be updated annually.
FINANCES: Financial assets of the WRA shall remain separate and be managed by the Governing Board,
DISSOLUTION: All assets of the WRA will revert to the Governing Board in the event of dissolution of MARC, Inc. or dissolution of this merger.
The Governing Board may dissolve this merger upon an 80 percent vote of the entire board. Dissolution shall become valid ninety (90) days after giving written notice to MARC, Inc.

In the event that MARC, Inc. dissolves, the Governing Board may elect to dissolve this merger and continue to operate the WRA as a separate entity.
In the event that the WRA dissolves, all assets shall revert to MARC, Inc. for disposition.

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Welcome Guide
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