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Fox Hunting Information

Updated February 9, 2021

Due to the social distancing rules in effect, the club is not scheduling Fox Hunts. However, some club members have been participating in hunts on Saturdays. These hunts are announced on the email reflector.

The results of the first year of hunts has been very good. We've had up to fourteen hunters find the Fox. A variety of antenna types have been successful.

The club Facebook Group has photos from each of the hunts. We can also use the club email reflector to share ideas.

There are two main methods of Fox Hunting - Directional Antennas, such as a Yagi, and the 'Doppler', or 'Time Difference of Arrival' method. Hunters often use a three element 'Tape Measure' Yagi and an HT with a good S meter. Even simpler antennas, such as a dipole, can lead to success.

For those with pretty sharp Fox Hunting skills, the Bears of Manchester, CT hide a 2 watt 'Fox Box', which can be searched for at any time. The box is activated by transmitting a PL tone and a DTMF '1'. The Bears have an email reflector to stay in touch.

We now have several Fox Boxes as well. These are often deployed on a Sunday.

The links below will get you to information about direction finders and Fox Hunts, including our own.

Dave NZ1J

Here are some links to Fox Hunting Information


NZ1J 'Doppler' RDF

This is a homebrew 'Doppler' type radio direction finder. Two full size 2 meter dipoles are spaced 12 inches apart. A circuit switches between the antennas at an audio frequency. The switching creates phase modulation on the attached receiver. The receiver produces a tone except when the antennas are oriented to both be the same distance from the transmitter. The null in the tone indicates the direction to the transmitter. The circuit also detects the phase of the tone and indicates direction with LEDs.

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